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As owners of the Goods, We hereby grant You the following options at the end of the Initial Rental Period, for each Schedule to the Master Agreement of Hire:-

  1. Terminate the Agreement and return the Goods to Us; or
  2. Return the Goods to Us and upgrade these with new Goods to be rented to You under a new Schedule to the Master agreement of Hire. This is subject to a new credit assessment to be done by Us; or
  3. Purchase the Goods from us at a transfer fee of R600. This option is only exercisable should You have maintained an impeccable payment history over the full Initial period with no debit orders or payments having been returned for any reason whatsoever, or made after due date.

A minimum of 90 days notice prior to expiry of the Initial Rental Period must be given to Us regarding the above options, otherwise the Rental Agreement will terminate and the Goods returned to Us.

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